Top 7 Places To Visit in Paris - Best Tourist Spots to Explore

Are you planning to spend your New Year holidays with family in Europe? Paris is the world’s capital of romance! From global lures such as the Eiffel tower, to the buried germs of tradition and culture like the Crypt Archeologique, this metropolis of France has so many great tourist spots to make your vacation a memorable one! Before your adrenaline rushes overpower you to book the flight tickets to Paris, you must know the best place to visit, so scroll down and have a view of the top seven:

1. Luxembourg Gardens

Jardin du Luxembourg often short, pronounced as Luxembourg Garden is second largest community recreational area in Paris. Calm and mind soothing ambiance, attractive flowers, and plants, fountains and monuments, are perfect ingredients for a pleasant wintry sunny afternoon stroll.

Not only this, your kids will also be in love with this place- the puppet shows, pony rides, and not to mention the model ferry on which they can sail in the pond. And, when the sun falls, the real magic begins, as the dazzling night concerts will set the mood right for a Romeo and Juliet evening!

2. The catacombs of Paris

Do you know what catacombs of Paris are? No! Then, let’s do time traveling, and now you are in the eighteenth century, when the bones of Persians are buried in places, known as the catacombs. And, reasons to make use of catacombs as a burial site is the shutting down of the Cemetery of Innocents, and congestion of Parisian graveyards.

An enthralling, odd, and somewhat a haunted site, the catacombs are a great place for enthusiasts of archeology, or flocks, who don’t get spooked easily. And, the best part, a tour of these burial sites will probably not take more than an hour or so; just climb 83 steps to unearth the past of the Paris.

3. Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris

We all know how wacky and bold the citizens of Paris are; but now, it’s time to witness the spiritual side of the Parisians. The Notre Dame de Paris is a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture. From the outside to the inside, this holy spot is worth a Devine visit, and the Reliquaries containing the remains of saints are also a source of sacred attractions for many. The stained glassed windows and western faceted depicting the last judgment are the two underlines of this cathedral.

4. Louvre Museum

Discover the untold story of Mona Lisa in one of world’s biggest museum, the Louvre Museum. With, 35,000 chronological pieces, it will surely turn the clock back so that you explore the rich culture, and olden times of the economic center of France.

As a matter of fact, this was the majestic dwelling of the monarch, Louis XIV when he shifted his court to Versailles in the year 1682. Underground shopping lobby, exhibition spaces, cafeteria, tourist bus depot, and massive parking are there to ensure that its global guests cherish every minute spend here.

5. Moulin Rouge Cabaret

What’s cabaret? Cabaret is a pub, nightclub, or simply leisure captivity where you have the ladies dancing around the guests in the backdrop of dazzling glamour light and comforting tones of the piano while they sit sipping your pet cocktail.

Moulin Rouge cabaret is one of the world’s most celebrated and old nightspot which retains the true spirit of Belle Époque. Immense yourself in the extravaganza of Moulin Rouge cabaret, and here you don’t have to be in your formals, sporty casuals are acceptable. However, don’t think you will get entry tickets on spot, and therefore, it is advisable to book seating a month in advance in the shoulder months of the year.

6. Holy Chapel

A short stroll from Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral will take you to this gem of gothic art. You’ll surely marvel at the fantastic lightshow, if you get a chance to witness this place on a bright sunny day.

7. Eiffel Tower

You might be wondering and slightly perplexed why the Eiffel tower, one of the world’s seven jewels, is last on the list. Well, good things come last, and the same goes for this wonder of the world. Built in the year 1899, by Gustave Eiffel (from where it got the name), no travel package of Paris is complete without seeing the iron lady of the world “Eiffel Tower”.

And, the bird-eye views are both stunning and breathtaking.  Eiffel tower, the symbol of “utopia achieved” welcomes 6 million approx guests very year, making the most visited tourist spot in the world.

The above seven places to stopover in Paris more than enough to back why this focal point of love and romance is such a great vacationer spot, but there are many more things to do in Paris.