11th International Hindi Conference in Egypt - Group Tour by WWT

There is a saying that the real & complete enjoyment of a trip can only be experienced in a group tour where you meet unknown people from different culture & languages, regions etc whether you’re going with a group tour of personal trips or a group of business tour you’ll definitely find something unique throughout your trip.

It was one of the proud moments for us when we got the chance to host the 11th International Hindi Conference in Egypt. This successful conference was organized from 28th January 2016 to 4th February 2016 hosted by WonderWorldTravels.com, it was a wonderful trip of 50 people who were the masters of their field in Hindi language, most of the people in group were 45-50 years but you’d definitely be surprised by their spirit, energy and life style.

This trip also included sightseeing of Alexandria, site of lighthouse one of the seven wonders of ancient world, Castle of Qaitbey, also visited Royal gardens of king Farouk to watch the royal Palaces of Haramlek and Salamlek, royal, beaches of the queens; King Farouk was the last king in the history of Egypt, then visited the prettiest & biggest mosque in the city Abbo Elabbas Mosque, the statue of Alexander the great, Ahmed Shawky Museum, & the most world famous pyramids of Giza.

Srijan Samman is an initiative started by Mr. Hari Thakur in 1995 with the vision of awarding poets and Hindi language promoters to encourage their creativity.

This 11th International Hindi Conference in Egypt was coordinated by Dr. Jaiprakash Manas and directed by Dr. Khagendra Thakur (President) and Dr. J.R. Sony (General Secretary).

The previous 10th International Hindi Conference was also hosted by WonderWorldTravels.com in Nepal from 17th May 2015 to 25th May 2015 which was also coordinated by Dr. Jaiprakash Manas and directed by Dr. Rajendra Thakur (President) and Dr.RanjanaAragade(Vice-President).

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